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Wildlife Rescue center, Costa Rica

Volunteer at the rescue center and take part in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the Costa Rican wildlife!

Sometimes animals are brought in by local people, tourists, or even volunteers, who have found them injured or abandoned in the streets and the wilderness. These rescued animals are often smaller or younger animals or infants that have lost their mother and would have no chance of survival on their own.

At the center, we aim to rehabilitate animals and give them the best possible conditions to recover from their physical and sometimes also mental injuries. When new animals come in, they are examined by vets who determine what actions need to be done for each individual situation. Care, treatments, and retraining are within the responsibility of permanent staff, and volunteers often get a chance to take over parts of tasks depending on the requirements of the tasks and each volunteer's qualifications. 

Our team of workers consists of volunteers and our on-site veterinarian who all take up an important part in keeping the center running.

In order to manage all the tasks and duties that our center requires we depend on the help of motivated and responsible volunteers. Volunteer general tasks involve food preparation, cleaning and maintaining enclosures, building activity toys, and providing enrichment for animals. Apart from daily tasks, we also need help with any additional projects that may come up in the course of the day and most require extra work. 

LOCATION: Alajuela, Costa Rica DURATION: From 2 weeks onwards COST: $50/day


  • Take part in the rescue, rehab and release of the Costa Rican wildlife

  • Learn about exotic wildlife husbandry, biology, manegment, biology, feeding habits, medicine and surgical procedures

  • Enjoy the company of the orphaned babies at the rescue center!

  • Contribute to the conservation efforts of the Costa Rican wildlife

  • Enjoy the stunning lush and rich jungle like nature of Costa Rica with it's majestic volcanoes and waterfalls during your time off with plenty of activities to take part of !


  • Accommodation on a shared basis (bunk beds)

  • Three delicious meals including vegan,vegetarian and gluten free options

  • All volunteer activities

  • Wifi on site (connectivty may vary due to weather conditions)


  • Aiport pickup and drop off (but there will be ofered a taxi at your own cost)

  • Flights from and to the country of origin

  • Travel visa

  • Travel insurance

  • Extra expenses during time off (excursions/meals outside the centre)


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