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Wildlife Clinic courses & internships, Belize

Join and volunteer in the heart of Central Americas Belize helping out in the rescue, rehab, release and conservation of it's stunning wildlife and pets.

During your time as a volunteer, either taking part of the on site amazing wildlife courses or being an intern, you will learn and be part of the rescue, rehab, release and conservation of stunning animals living in this stunning country !

From monkeys, to macaws, raccoons, dogs and cats, to tucans and all kinds of exotic wildlife will be there for you to help them and get an experience of a lifetime !

There are many courses to choose from to get more clinical skills as a vet, vet student or vet technitian.We also have placements for non vet participants like doctors, bilogists, ecologist and any person that wants to improve their skills and knowledge in conservation.

LOCATION: Belize DURATION: From 1 week to 12 months

COST: On site courses

  • International Veterinary Experience  $4,450 (24 days)

  • Wildlife Medicine & Conservation $2,750 (12 days); $1,850 (8 days)

  • Small Animal Veterinary Experience $2,750 (12days)

  • Wild-Spring-Break $1,850 (8 days)

  • Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Continuing Education Course $1,850 (8 days)

COST: Internships-From $950/week (fees may vary)

  • Assistant veterinarian internship (6 to 12 months)

  • Scarlet macaw protection internship (From 2 weeks onwards)

  • Wildlife & conservation internship (From 2 weeks onwards)


  • All course material/activities

  • Airport transfer (for on site courses only)

  • Accommodation (for on site courses only)

  • Meals (for on site courses only) (Al breakfast, most lunches and dinners/for on site courses only)

  • Wifi

  • Excursions, filed trips, (for on site courses only

  • Daily transportation (for on site courses only)

  • Program T-shirt


  • Flights from and to country of origin

  • Travel visa

  • Travel insurance

  • Extra activities outside the clinic during time off


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