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Veterinary program/internship, Zanzibar

Join our team of vets to help out in the rescue, treatment and adoption of the animals in the island!

As a vet, vet student or vet nurse you will learn valuable veterinary skills and if you are a vet you will be part of the rescue and treatment of all animals within the island, helping out in all veterinary procedures!

The workload varies throughout the week and the year but generally the vet is busy spaying, castrating, responding to emergency and house calls as well as attending to animals brought directly to the clinic.

On Saturday morning there is an Open Community Clinic where the local people bring their cows, goats and dogs for free dip-washing. Our vet also attends to any animal brought in for medical treatment; be it cows, goats, dogs, cats or the occasional chicken or rabbit. Often over 50 animals pass through the clinic on any given Saturday.

Only basic medical equipment is available in Zanzibar, which means the work environment can be challenging. More gets done with less and as much as it can be difficult sometimes it is also immensely rewarding to treat an animal or save its life with almost no means.

Husbandry Work

  • Maintenance & cleaning of kennels, cattery, stables and paddocks

  • Dog walking and grooming

  • Donkey grooming

Veterinary work

Our principal activities are:

  • Sterilizations, vaccinations and surgeries

  • House-calls around the island

  • Treatment of animals brought to the clinic

  • Saturday Open Clinic for the local community

LOCATION: Zanzibar, Tanzania. DURATION: From 2 weeks onwards COSTS: $60/DAY


  • Participate in supervised surgery

  • Help spay and castrate animals

  • Develop skills in wound care and management

  • Learn to splint/cast and manage broken legs

  • Scrub in to soft tissue surgeries

  • Develop clinical confidence by participating in consultations

  • Learn how to diagnose diseases without laboratory test facilities

  • Learn to triage emergency cases

  • Enjoy the stunning beaches of Zanzibar relaxing by the ocean, snorkeling, visiting the sea turtle sanctuary, visit the ancient tortoises at prison island, the beautiful and historic Stone town and much more!


  • Airport pick up and drop off

  • Accommodation on a shared basis

  • Equiped kitchen to prepare your own meals

  • All veterinary procedures and activities

  • Transport around the island for all veterinary procedures

  • Transport to shops/market for grocery shopping


  • Flights from and to country of origin

  • Travel visa (to be purchased at aiport upon arrival)

  • Travel insurance

  • Meals (but you will be taken to markets and shops to buy food)

  • Wifi (you can buy very cheap phone cards in town)

  • All extra activities outside during time off


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