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This might be a silly question as everybody knows WHY travelling is so great BUT, I'm just going to give you my insight and my biggest reasons why I think travelling and exploring is one of the best things we should all do!

Not only is travelling a synonym of "holiday" (that's if you're not doing it for work) which is already the reason number one people do it, but travelling also means learning to appreciate other cultures, other ways people live, other landscapes, environments, foods, animals...travelling opens your mind, it gives you another perspective on how people live, sometimes, if not most of the time, we are so absorbed in our own little stressful lives that we don't realise that there are other ways of doing things, other people in the same situation like us, which actually helps us to know we are not alone struggling. This said, I don't mean that we want other people to suffer or be having a hard time, I'm just suggesting that when we know that every day life struggles are a normal thing for every one it suddenly becomes easier to accept.

Travelling also gives you that feeling of fulfilment that you might not get from staying static, it enriches you in so many make friends, new connections that end up becoming friends for life (this is so true for me, the best friends I have are from meeting them while travelling).

Travelling means growing, knowing your strength, knowing that you can actually do more things that you though capable of, it inspires you and gives you confidence...

Food...oh well, what can I say about the food when travelling....this is actually a part of travel the can make it break the travel time! Thruout time, people have gathered in kitchens and around food to connect, to make deals, to do business, to invite and show respect and making new guests feel warms the heart therefor warms up to new friendships is a big part of culture, and you learn a great deal about the people from a certain area from the foods they shapes food food!!

Travelling helps you see this world, this amazing planet that has so much beauty...but also opens your eyes to the cruel reality of what's really happening in the world, it creates awareness and gives you the push (I hope) to take action and to be more conscious of your daily habits and choices and specially to appreciate and be more grateful for the things you have.

In my case, travelling makes me feel alive, after I started travelling solo I was hooked...and of course, sometimes there are stressful times, when you loose a bag and get stolen, or get a food poisoning in a far away place where the medical system is scarce , it scary at times..but when you come out gloriously of it, you feel you can conquer the world...travelling provides you with loads of amazing experiences and memories which are the ones you will, at the end of the day, keep in your heart and cherish...when you feel happiness and content from feelings and experiences and not from things...

Volunteering is my best way of travelling, as a veterinary conservationist and food safety expert...I love helping animals in need, I love helping to clean the beaches from trash...I explore the local markets finding what's safe to eat and of course, I see how animal source products are being handled and wander " how do these people not get sick from this food?" there inmune to it, that's for sure...

Volunteering provides a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling that you are doing good to another being that's needs your help, human or animal....or nature in general...when you do things for others, it gives you happiness and a feeling of contentment that I have not experienced in any other way...

So, this is WHY I think you should travel with friends or travel solo, either way, GO TRAVEL...go volunteer, go explore, go have an amazing adventure...Life is too damn short to stay stuck in one place paying might be thinking "well, that's easy for you to say, you don't have kids, you don't have a mortgage, you don't have a...."....bah! Excuses! ....and sorry to say it this way as my intention is only good ....I have met so many people during my travels, couples with kids, women travelling solo with kids, people travelling solo during their vacation and exploring, making the best of their vacation....GO OUT THERE AND EXPLORE MY FRIEND...this WORLD IS WAY TOO PRECIOUS NOT TO GO SEE IT!!!

And NO, you DON'T have to be rich to travel, heck, when I started I had very little money yet, where there's a will there's a just need to have the right mindset, the attitude, the open adaptable to what may come, adjust to the circumstances ....and then you will be fine...

There are many ways to get cheap travel deals, ways to go for free or very little pocket money...I'ts true because I've done it...nevertheless...if you want a bit more fancy travel, that's of course possible too but be aware that might come with a bit more money in the really depends what your looking for and what you are willing to give up.

If you are on your way to freedom and wanderlust, give me a shout, I can help you book that travel, that adventure or that volunteering opportunity where you will feel fulfilled...just say WHEN and I'm there to help!

I hope to see you soon!

Eleonore XX

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