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Volunteering in Stunning Zanzibar, Tanzania

I was working in the UK when I decided to go and give a hand at this amazing place in Zanzibar...And until now, it's one of the best places I have visited so far, the beaches are absolutely stunning and the lush forest with it's unique monkeys and giant mango words can describe the beauty of this place. During the week I would go with the vet into the different villages around the island to pay a visit to animals that needed our assistance and then during our breaks I would enjoy a stroll down the beach..on weekends I would hire one of the cute little handcraft "sail" boats and sail in crystal clear turquoise water surrounded by visiting dolphins that aren't afraid of you when you jump in the water ....

As a vet or vet student you will be working alongside a very experienced vet helping with neuterings and curing wounds, examining goats, cows, donkeys, dogs and will learn so much here!!! The accommodations are simple yet super comfy with mosquito nest of course, wifi is provided but be aware that somethings power has it's funny way of not wanting to work all the time so you might not always have wifi available! Food is to be bought at the local supermarkets but they will take you there by car and it's very cheap!! The minimum stay advised is 2 weeks but im telling you now, you will want to stay longer...oh so much longer!

This is truly a great place to come, not only will you helping the local communities and their pets but you will be enjoying one of the most beautiful and stunning places in Africa...oh and wait, did I tell you, that you can easily get to the main island and do a safari too??!!! Yup!!!

If you need a bit more information to join this project just give me a shout by email or message below and I will tell you all about it!

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