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"The year I went wild"

A true story about finding your inner wild self....

It's my own story on how I transitioned from being an unfulfilled and unhappy veterinary surgeon to a fulfilled world traveller veterinary conservationist. 

You will laugh, you will cry and you might even be shocked at times reading this book but above all it's REAL and beautiful and it shows you that life despite all the hurdles it's worth living !

AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON (Kindle & Paperback)


"First aid for PETS, a practical manual"
(Spanish Version)

Haven written and published my first Pet first aid book about ten years ago in Spanish version, I am creating a more up to date very practical, step by step second edition in English version for early 2022!

The Spanish version was sold out in less than 6 months with over 2000 copies sold and very good reviews, it's a very practical step by step manual with over 200 pictures to show you what to do when you encounter your pet in a emergency situation, things that you can do at home, little tricks to help you save some time while you reach the vet! 

For purchase of my books please find them in:
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